Phoenix and grievances: What you need to know

You have the right to be paid correctly and on-time and, if you are not, you have the right to file a grievance. Filing a grievance is an important procedural step that protects your right to have the dispute resolved by the Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board. It also means the employer must meet with you and your union representative.

Although, depending on your case, a grievance may not speed up the process of having your pay corrected, the employer is obligated to listen to the problems you are having because of Phoenix, and must provide a formal response about what they are doing to correct it.

It is important to carefully document the pay problems you are having, and retain all records of your pay information and the steps taken to resolve your pay issues.

Filing a grievance

To file a grievance, contact your steward, someone from your union local executive, or your Component.

We especially encourage members experiencing serious pay problems – such as ongoing disruption of regular pay – to file grievances to protect their rights.

If you have incurred expenses and financial losses as a result of pay problems you should submit a claim for reimbursement. More information about the claims process, such as what is covered, can be found here. A grievance is not required to file a claim. However, if the employer denies your claim you have the right to file a grievance concerning your claim at that stage.

Other tools

If you are experiencing pay problems, it is important to file a pay action request (PAR).

It is essential that pay data is inputted correctly and on time. If this is not done, additional problems and delays are created. It’s your right to ask your Section 34 manager or your Human Resources department whether this has been done, especially if you are experiencing problems. Contact your steward, your pay advocate, or someone from your union local executive to assist you with this request if you are uncomfortable asking on your own, or if you don’t know who your section 34 manager is. They can assist you.

PSAC encourages its members who are experiencing pay problems to make use of the measures your union has forced the employer to put in place, such as the claims process and access to emergency pay for those who are not paid, underpaid or missing entitlements.

For more information, visit the Get Help section of PSAC’s Phoenix website.


26 Avril 2018