Treasury Board bargaining: PSAC pushes for improvements, government starts slow

As Treasury Board bargaining resumed this week, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) responded to the employer’s proposals with a clear mandate for improvements to working conditions.

PSAC’s PA, EB, TC and SV bargaining teams highlighted the need for greater work-life balance and improvements to pay and leave, among other important gains for federal public service workers.

Unfortunately, the employer was only prepared to offer their first impressions of PSAC’s non-monetary proposals. It’s disappointing that PSAC came to the table fully ready to bargain, but Treasury Board was only concerned with resolving ‘housekeeping’ issues at this stage.

The majority of federal public service workers have suffered under Phoenix for more than two years and continue to provide Canadians with the critical services they depend on. We expect the government to come to the table prepared to negotiate a contract that reflects that dedication, as well as the value of their work.

PSAC members are still waiting for their Phoenix pay problems to end; they should not have to wait for the working conditions they deserve.



12 Juillet 2018