Phoenix: call centre improvements won by PSAC finally in place

Federal public service workers suffering from Phoenix are finally receiving better service now that the contracted-out call centre has transitioned to one fully staffed by federal public service employees.

Contracting out was a failure

The call centre established in the wake of Phoenix had been staffed through a temporary staffing agency. These untrained employees worked from scripts, with no capacity to provide any meaningful information to our members in need of support. This only served to exacerbate the frustration of those dealing with pay problems.

As a result of pressure from PSAC, the government committed to moving this work from the contracted-out call centre to the federal public service, and we continued to hold the government to account until the new system was implemented.

PSAC members, and all federal public service workers, are now able to call and speak to someone who has access to their file. This is a significant improvement from the original call centre and serves as an important opportunity for government officials to learn from their mistake; contracting-out is not the solution.

Enhanced service now available

The public service workers in the new Client Contact Center have access to Phoenix, as well as the case management tool. While these workers are not compensation advisors, they have received some training in compensation. This all means enhanced service for those dealing with pay problems, including individual, case-specific information.

Federal public service workers affected by Phoenix can reach the Client Contact Center by calling: 1-855-686-4729


12 Juillet 2018