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  • Why is acupuncture covered only if it’s performed by a physician? 

    • PSAC strongly supports changing this provision in the Plan.  The fact that acupuncture must be performed by a physician means that for most members, it is effectively not covered as it is almost impossible to find a physician who performs acupuncture.  We will be pushing for this change to be made when we next negotiate the terms of the Plan.
  • Why isn’t medical cannabis covered?

    • All prescription drugs which have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) are covered by the Plan. Cannabis does not currently have a DIN, which means that it is not eligible for coverage. PSAC supports the inclusion of medical cannabis under the Plan and we will be raising this issue in future negotiations. 
  • Why haven’t the caps for paramedical practitioners (e.g. massage therapy) or vision care been increased?

    • The maximums for paramedical coverage have not increased in quite some time.  Members have consistently identified this as a part of the Plan that they would like to have changed. This will be a focus for future negotiations. 
  • When will the plan be updated?

    • We do not have a firm timeline on negotiations. However, we expect to be at the bargaining table by the summer of 2019.  We will post updates as soon as they are available.
  • I want to make a suggestion for how to amend the Plan.  How can I provide input?

    • In the of fall 2017, PSAC collected input by sharing a survey with our members.  With this information, and in consultation with the NJC unions and NAFR, we finalized our proposal package.  We are currently not accepting further input for proposals.  When we begin preparations for subsequent round of bargaining, we will once again post a survey to gather input from members.  Please sign up for PSAC’s newsletter to ensure that you’re notified of this and other developments.


List of employers covered by the PSHCP:

Treasury Board
Canada Revenue Agency
Parks Canada Agency
Statistical Survey Operations
Office of the Auditor General
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
National Capital Commission
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
Communications Security Establishment
House of Commons
Library of Parliament
Senate of Canada
National Gallery of Canada
Canadian Museum of History
National Museum of Science & Technology
Canadian Museum of Human Rights
Canadian Museum of Nature
National Battlefields Commission
Canadian Centre of Occupational Health & Safety
Great Lakes Pilotage Authority, Cornwall
Laurentian Pilotage Authority
Atlantic Pilotage Authority, Halifax, N.S.

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23 Mai 2019